City Clerk/Executive Assistant

City Clerk/Executive Assistant to City Administrator
Susan Brunworth
Phone: 816-776-5304 x103
Fax: 816-776-8216

The City of Richmond operates under a Mayor Administrator-Council form of government. City Hall is located at 205 Summit Street, in downtown Richmond.

An eight-member Council, chaired by the Mayor, presides over the city and meets twice a month at 6:30PM on the second and fourth Tuesday in the City Hall Council Chambers. Under Richmond’s form of government, City Council members are elected to two-year terms on a rotating basis with two representatives elected from each of four wards. The Mayor is elected at large to a four-year term. The mayor presides over the City Council meetings and Council members elect a mayor pro-tem, who presides over meetings when the mayor is unavailable to attend.

The mayor pro-tem is elected from within the Council on an annual basis. City Council members are appointed to committees by the Mayor annually. Committees established to review city projects include the Finance Committee, Public Works Committee, Public Safety Committee and Ordinance Committee. Each committee consists of three Council members, with one being the chairman.

By law, virtually all city business requiring council approval must be presented to the council during meetings that are open to the public. In addition to paying bills and discussing city projects and expenditures, time is allotted at the beginning of each meeting for residents to voice their concerns to the Council. Residents may attend any committee meeting held during the work sessions. Residents may also bring any concern to the City Administrator, whose office is located at City Hall.

Records Request Form
Copies are ten cents ($.10) per page for duplication costs of regular copies, 24” copies are $3.00, & 36” copies are $4.00, and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per hour for document search. Said fees for copying public records shall not exceed the actual cost of document search and duplication. Upon request, the public governmental body shall certify in writing that the actual cost of document search and duplication is fair, reasonable and does not exceed the actual cost incurred by the public governmental body. The custodian my require payment prior to duplicating any documents.

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