Richmond Municipal Court

The Municipal Court of the City of Richmond is a subdivision of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Missouri and acts as the Court of original jurisdiction in all cases involving violations against the ordinances of the City of Richmond as set forth in the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri, Chapter 479.

The Summons
When a person is issued a Richmond Municipal Court ticket, the ticket constitutes a summons to appear in Richmond Municipal Court located at Richmond City Hall. This is a courtesy summons, not an arrest, and the Court depends on the defendant to appear.

If the defendant does not appear on the date shown on the summons, or otherwise dispose of the case as described below, a Summons to Appear with a new court date is mailed to the defendant at the address shown on the ticket. If the defendant does not appear on this date, or otherwise dispose of the case, a warrant is issued for the defendant’s arrest.

Court Process
Your Rights
If you have been issued such a summons, you have certain rights in your case. You have the right to plead not guilty and to have a trial by either a judge or a jury. You have the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses who testify against you and you have the right to subpoena witnesses to testify on your behalf. You have the right to give your own testimony or to not testify. You also have the right to plead guilty.

Download “Know Your Rights” – Missouri Municipal Division Courts brochure.

Pleading Guilty
If you want to plead guilty to the offense as charged on your summons, and you have been instructed by the officer that you are allowed to dispose of it without a personal appearance in Court, then you may decide to dispose of your case by pleading guilty and paying the standard fine plus court costs ($31.50) in advance of the court appearance date as shown on the summons. If you decide to sign the guilty plea located on the reverse side of your summons, this does constitute a waiver of all of your rights and you will be convicted of the offense as described on the summons. If you decide to plead guilty in this manner, you may do so as follows:

• Sign the back of the summons in the space provided.

• Mail the signed summons and payment to the Richmond Municipal Court for the full amount of the fine plus costs to: Richmond Municipal Court, 205 Summit Street, Richmond, MO 64085

• Alternatively, you can bring your signed summons to the Richmond City Hall and pay your fine in person.

Paying Your Fines
Municipal Court office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Payment may be made in person by cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks. Credit card/debit payments can be made at clicking HERE. Payments by mail may be made by money orders or cashier’s checks only.  Personal checks are not accepted.

For Fines and Costs:
Violations Bureau Schedule (Does not include Court Costs)

Traffic Citations, Continuances, Ordinance Violations and Warrants
The traffic docket is called promptly at 3:00 p.m. There is a mandatory appearance for all citations involving an accident, driving while suspended or revoked, DWI’s, failure to provide insurance, and speeding in excess of 30 mph over the limit. You must appear on the date listed on your summons unless you have received a continuance. To request a continuance from the first court date, you must call and speak with the court clerk.

If you are charged with no insurance/failure to provide proof or no valid license, please be prepared to submit the required documentation in court. Failure to appear on your court date or pay a fine as ordered may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

Court Rules and Regulations
The Court is a place of business and appropriate clothing, including shoes, is required at all times. The Court has Dress Code Order that is strictly followed and examples of inappropriate and prohibited clothing includes: heavily soiled clothing, midriff baring outfits, shorts and cutoffs, halter and tank tops, undershirts, see-through clothing, bathing suits, lingerie, athletic uniforms, hats or helmets, theatrical costumes, face paint and clothing that is emblazoned with obscene words or images. Any person violating this Order will be asked to leave and return wearing appropriate clothing.

NO cell phones are allowed inside City Hall on the night of court.

Food and drink, including alcohol, are not allowed on the premises.

Weapons are strictly prohibited from the building. All weapons will be confiscated and the violator will be appropriately charged. Do not attempt to bring any of these prohibited items to court. They will not be stored for pick up.

Court Clerk
Sarah Collins
Phone: 816-776-5304 x 115
Fax: 816-776-8216

Municipal Judge
James R Hall

Ellen Greenberg-Jacobs

Court Sessions
Municipal Court Sessions are held on the second Thursday of each month at:

Municipal Court Courtroom
Richmond City Hall
205 Summit Street
Richmond, MO 64085

Court Time: 

  • 3:00 p.m. for all cases
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