Richmond Police Department

The Richmond Police Department is led by the Chief of Police, Chad Burnine, who took command in 2010, after serving the city for over 10 years. Under Chief Burnine, is 1 Lieutenant, 1 Detective Sergeant, 2 Patrol Corporals, 1 school resource officer, 8 full time/reserve patrol officers, 1 animal control officer and a civilian administrative assistant.

Richmond Police Officers attend training regularly and have varied skill sets that make them capable of dealing with most any situation; from petty crimes to “big city” crimes. Some of these skill sets include: computer voice stress analysis, Rural Missouri Major Case Squad, advanced firearms training, school active shooter training, advanced crime scene investigation, advanced interrogation training, crash investigation training and much more. Richmond Police Officers take pride in a high ratio of solved cases due to hard work and dedication, as well as the help and support of the great community in which they serve every day.

Police Department Fees
The Richmond Police Department as custodian charges the following fee schedule for duplication costs:

  • Police report: $5.00
  • Incident report: $3.00
  • DWI report: $5.00
  • A.I.R. form: $2.00
  • BAC maintenance report: $2.00
  • Accident report: $5.00
  • Ticket copy: $2.00
  • Background checks: $7.00
  • Adoption letters: $7.00
  • Notary service for reports: $3.00

Fingerprinting services per card upon request.
City residents: $10.00.
Non-residents: $20.00

The fee for a DVD copy of police video is $10.00.

ATV/UTV Special Use
All-terrain or utility vehicles must be issued a special permit by the City to operate upon the streets and highways of the City. The fee for the permit is $5.00 and can be paid to the Collector at City Hall.

Animal Control
For Animal Control information, please visit their page by clicking Here.

If there is an emergency, please call 911.

Richmond Police Department
207 Summit St., Richmond, MO 64085
Phone: (Administration) 816-776-3575
Phone: (Dispatch) 816-776-5826
Fax: 816-470-5961

Chief of Police
Chad Burnine, badge 100

Administrative Assistant
Cindy Estes

Lobby Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Officers are on duty 24/7)

Richmond Police Department Badge
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