Billing Department

The Billing Department is responsible for collecting all fees for City services and business. This includes Community Development Permits; Parks and Recreation Program Registrations; Liquor, Occupational and Animal Licenses as well as Utility Bill Payments. Questions regarding any fees or billing should be directed to the department.

Property Taxes
City of Richmond property taxes (real estate and personal property) are billed and collected by the Ray County Collector. To pay your property taxes online, visit the Ray County Collector’s website. All City of Richmond delinquent taxes (2018 and prior) must be paid to the City of Richmond Collector prior to paying any property taxes. To pay your 2018 and prior City delinquent taxes please contact the Billing Department Office at 816-776-5304 Ext 105.

Animal Licenses
Annually, all pets residing in the city limits must be vaccinated and licensed. City ordinances limit pets to three per household. The license fee for a pet is $20.00; $5.00 if spayed or neutered. A vet will provide the necessary papers for each pet’s license and registration. Bring the current rabies vaccination to City Hall to obtain the animal license. Annually (in June) the City of Richmond sponsors a pet vaccination clinic for your convenience. For more information on the Pet Clinic, contact City Hall at 816-776-5304.

ATV/UTV Special Use
All-terrain or utility vehicles must be issued a special permit by the City to operate upon the streets and highways of the City. The fee for the permit is $20.00.

Occupational License
City Ordinance #605.030 states: it shall be unlawful for any person within the City to exercise, carry on or engage in any occupation, selling of goods or wares, trade, profession, business, avocation or agency without first obtaining from the City a merchant’s or occupational license and paying a license fee. All licenses issued pursuant to this ordinance shall commence the first (1st) day of November and shall be renewed the following first (1st) day of November. 10% penalty shall be added after the 1st day of December and for each delinquent month after the month of November.
Click here for Occupational License Form

Park Shelter Rental
The City has 4 major parks with 8 shelter houses: 3 at Maurice Roberts, 2 at Armour (West), 1 at Southview and 2 at Hamann. These shelter houses can be rented at City Hall from April through November. Rental fee is $30 each (or $50 for both shelters at Hamann) and includes picnic tables under shelter, playground equipment, trash receptacles, bathroom facilities and BBQ grill.

Returned Check Fees
$25.00 service fee is charged for each returned check

Utility Information
Water, sewer and trash services are combined on one monthly utility bill. Bills are issued on the 15th of each month and are due on or before 4:00 pm on the 10th of the following month or the next business day if the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday. All bills not paid by the due date will be considered past due. A 10% penalty is applied to all past due balances. If the past due payment is not received in full by the 20th of the month, water service will be disconnected without further notice. To restore water service, you must pay the past due balance, a reconnect fee and a $25 additional deposit.

Click here for Utility Billing information

Billing Specialist
Wendy VanOster
205 Summit St.
Richmond, MO 64085
Phone: 816-776-5304
Fax: 816-776-8216

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