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Occupational License – Businesses operating within the City limits of Richmond are required to obtain an Occupational License from the City Collector.

City Ordinance 605.030 states: it shall be unlawful for any person within the City to exercise, carry on or engage in any occupation, selling of goods or wares, trade, profession, business, avocation or agency without first obtaining from the City Collector a merchant’s or occupational license and paying a license fee. All licenses issued pursuant to this ordinance shall commence the first (1st) day of November and shall be renewed the following first (1st) day of November. 10% penalty shall be added after the 1st day of December and for each delinquent month after the month of November.
Click here for Occupational License Form

Sales Tax License – Businesses collecting sales tax must provide a copy of the State of Missouri Sales Tax License to the City Collector.

Food/Service/Food Sales – New businesses that have food services or sell perishable food items are required to provide a copy of their Ray County Health Department to the City Collector.

Construction – If you are building a new structure or are planning on renovating or expanding an existing structure, please contact Community Development at 816-776-5304 ext. 112 to obtain all necessary permits.

Contractors – State law requires contractors to provide a certificate of insurance for worker’s compensations. Contractors must also provide a copy of liability insurance.

Incentive Programs

The City of Richmond utilizes Chapter 100 incentives for qualifying businesses. Additionally, Richmond has a Downtown Redevelopment District which can offer attractive Chapter 353 tax incentives for qualifying redevelopment in the downtown area.

Workforce Development

The Missouri Department of Economic Development provides workforce development training and programs. If your business is in need of training or you are looking for qualified workers, please contact us and we will connect you to these valuable resources.

Business Retention and Expansion

The City is committed to working with local businesses, build relationships and foster business growth. We are here to help your business thrive!

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