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“No traffic jams!” one proclaimed about the benefits of living and working in the county seat of Richmond, MO. However, our central location to major highways and easy access for commuters and markets in Kansas City, or for work and shoppers to come to Richmond make it a clear choice!

The City of Richmond, with over 6,000 residents, boasts some of the best businesses in the Kansas City Region. The county area of 23,000 strong also strengthens both the labor pool and the customer base — making it a place to be for your business, whether you are starting out or looking to expand.

City leadership and staff are committed to providing high quality services to the business community. We are continually making much needed improvements to the water, sewer and street infrastructure. We are dedicated to making Richmond a great place to live, work and play.

Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce
The Richmond Chamber works for every individual, business and profession in the community. For more information, visit the Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce website at:

These top employers have found Richmond a rich resource of talent:

Henkel Corp employs more than 300 people, many who live in Richmond and the surrounding cities and counties. Henkel is listed as a Forbes Top 500 places to Work in America. Henkel states, “Henkel looks after the interest of its customers and community as it aims to reduce the amount of waste material and energy it uses. We create value for our consumers, the communities where we operate and Henkel as a whole, while reducing our environmental footprint.”

Shirkey Nursing and Rehabilitation is a 197-bed long-term health facility with dual certification for Medicare and Medicaid employing more than 200. They provide a wide range of services, including hospice.

Oak Ridge Assisted Living, Richmond’s newest assisted living community, hires for a wide variety of staff who provide the residents a great life as they Make it Richmond.

Ray County Hospital, employing more than 150, is an award-winning Critical Access Care Facility with both in-patient and extensive outpatient services. The Hospital continues to upgrade every single aspect of the facility, including a new addition that updates the emergency, lab, and outpatient area. Our proximity to Kansas City allows many specialists to come regularly to our hospital as well. Doctors, Ray County Home Health, and a Dialysis center also provide additional jobs in the medical service field. Animal health is also tended by three veterinary clinics that serve our agricultural base as well as small family pets.

Richmond Public Schools are serving the communities of Camden, Henrietta, Knoxville, Millville, Rayville and Richmond, Mo., and continue to be one of our key employers.

• Governmental organizations include the City of Richmond as well as Ray County, all with offices in our city and with services centralized there. Many other public services are also Richmond employers.

Entrepreneurs welcome! There is a place in Richmond to work or to start your business! We have buildings, land for development, internet services, upgraded infrastructure and possible tax incentives. Retail, services, professional, and manufacturing are all needed and welcome!


The Jones Store, Richmond
Henkel building
Red Cross Pharmacy
Richmond Middle School
Ray County Memorial Hospital sign
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