Sidewalk Improvement Program Offers 50/50 Grant

Sidewalk Improvement Grant Program

The City of Richmond recognizes that quality sidewalks within the city is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents and visitors.   Although City Code requires all new subdivisions to have sidewalks installed, many of the properties in town are older and either have dilapidated sidewalks, or no sidewalk at all.  Giving residents an incentive to make improvements to the sidewalks on their property not only benefits them, but also benefits all residents and visitors.

The Sidewalk Improvement Grant Program makes funds available to residential and commercial property owners for sidewalk replacement or new installation.  The City of Richmond designates a portion of the Transportation Tax Fund to be utilized as 50/50 grant to assist property owners who wish to replace broken or deteriorated sidewalks or install new sidewalks in the City right-of-way on their property. Property owners are limited to one project per property per fiscal year.

Property owners must submit an application along with 3 professional bids for service to be considered for the program.  The City will select the lowest bid and notify applicant if the project has been approved.    Projects are selected on a first come, first serve basis.  Adopted standards and procedures must be followed during construction.  After project is complete, the property owner must submit a paid receipt.  Applicant will be reimbursed for 50 percent of the costs incurred, up to $3,000.  Property owners desiring to install the sidewalk themselves are eligible, but must demonstrate capability to perform all phases of project.

Well maintained sidewalks are important for Richmond neighborhoods. They improve the appearance of properties and make Richmond more attractive to prospective residents. Most importantly, well maintained sidewalks are crucial for pedestrian safety.  Citizens of all ages enjoy walking throughout Richmond, whether they are taking their dog for a stroll, getting exercise or heading to school.

For more information about the Sidewalk Improvement Program and to access the application, please visit  the Sidewalk and Drainage Improvement page or call Community Development at 816-776-5304.

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