Compost Site

The City Compost Site is CLOSED for the season.
Address: 9060 Wellington Street

Curbside Yard Waste Pick-Up

Per City Ordinance Section 235.400 Compost/Brush Site Regulations:
You may bring to the compost:
1. Non-contaminated soil
2. Yard and garden vegetation
3. Grass clippings
4. Non-woody plant residues
5. Limbs and brush (appropriate size). Maximum size is: MUST be 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet long
6. Straw
7. Hay
8. Leaves
9. Compostable bags

You may NOT bring to compost:
1. Plastic bags
2. Lumber
3. Metal
4. Plastic (any type)
5. Tires
6. Trash
7. Contaminated soil
8. Paper (other than compostable bags)
9. All other man-made materials
10. Animals, animal carcasses, animal by-products and animal waste

FREE WOOD-CHIP MULCH  processed through yard waste recycling is available at the City of Richmond compost site.