Hamann Park Pavers – Be a Part of History


Your family, business or organization can be a part of the history of Richmond.  Inscribe your name, logo or message on a commemorative brick paver at Hamann Park to be seen for generations to come.  Your purchase ensures you a personalized, engraved 8″ x 8″ brick paver permanently laid at the entrance of Hamann Park.   The brick pavers are a great idea for:

  • Veterans
  • Civic Groups
  • Memorials or Tributes
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Individuals or families
  • Schools
  • Pets

Your message can be a maximum of 6 lines with 14 spaces on each line.  If you choose to add a logo, it will be placed in the top three 3 lines, leaving 3 more lines for additional text if desired.  All inscriptions will be reviewed to ensure their suitability for public display.

Groups of bricks may be clustered together for families or groups, provided all are ordered at the same time. For multiple brick orders, please use a separate form for each brick and attach forms together.

Cost is $100.00 per brick paver, with an additional $65.00 for a logo.  Simply fill out the form below, and submit to City Hall with cash or check.  Logos can be emailed after the order has been processed.  Contact 816-776-5304 with any questions!

Hamann Park Commemorative Paver Order Form

The City of Richmond is a municipal corporation.  Contributions to the City of Richmond are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by IRS tax law.