Boards and Commissions

City Council Committees 2019-2020

Finance Committee
Deanna Guy - Chairman
Dave Powell
Ron Peterson
Ordinance Committee
Barb Hardwick - Chairperson
Deanna Guy
Adam Booth
Public Works Committee
Dave Powell - Chairman
Ron Peterson
Barb Hardwick
Public Safety Committee
Rob Kinnard - Chairperson
Sam Coleman
Justin Meier

Park Board

The Park Board meets the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Richmond Fire Station.

Kenneth Buhrmeister - President
Joyce Bowles - Vice President
Terry Padgett - Treasurer
Deanna Guy - Council Liaison
Bev Phipps
Angel Foxall
Darrin Daniel

Planning & Zoning Board

Brad Hogan - Chairman
Tom Williams - Vice President
Barbara Hardwick - Secretary
Brett Smoot
Eric Perkinson
Everett Thompson

Zoning Variance Board

Mark Guy
Ernie Jones
Barb Hardwick - Liaison to P&Z
Jerry Cole
Nathan Green

Housing Authority of the City of Richmond
302 N. Camden Avenue, Richmond, MO 64085

April Maulsby - Executive Director
Royce Duffett
Tammy Menke - Chairman

Diana Bowman - Resident

Building Code Board of Appeals

John Dorton
Jimmy Williams
Bret Bowman
Royce Duffett
Cole Oliphant

Richmond Redevelopment Corporation

Jimmy Carter
Rob Kinnard
Lisa Hastings
Chastidy Loftin
Ray Smith