Fee for Photocopies

The custodian shall charge ten cents ($.10) per page for duplication costs of regular copies, 24ā€ copies are $3.00, & 36ā€ copies are $4.00, and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per hour for document search; provided however, that the fee for copies of bond receipts and other bond documents of the Richmond Municipal Court and/or Richmond Police Department shall be five dollars ($5.00) for each report requested and no hourly charge for document search shall be levied for such documents. Said fees for copying public records shall not exceed the actual cost of document search and duplication. Upon request, the public governmental body shall certify in writing that the actual cost of document search and duplication is fair, reasonable and does not exceed the actual cost incurred by the public governmental body. The custodian my require payment prior to duplicating any documents.

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