Utility Billing

Marilyn O’Dell
Utilities Department Phone: 816-776-5304
Fax: 816-776-8216

Collection Assistant
Wendy VanOster
Fax: 816-776-8216

Utility Bills
Water, sewer and trash are combined on one monthly billing statement. Utility accounts are billed on the 15th of each month and are due on or before the 10th of the following month. A 10% penalty is applied to the account on the morning following the due date. Past due amount must be paid by the 20th of the month or utility may be disconnected without further notice. Shut offs are scheduled on the morning following the 20th. The past due balance plus a reconnect fee and $25 additional deposit is assessed before re-connection is performed.

New water service, billing statements, disconnects, and reconnects are serviced by the City Collector’s Office.

Setup Bank Draft
Pay Your City Utility Bill Automatically
Automated Bill Payment allows you to pay your bills automatically by charging them to your checking or savings account. You save time by not having to write checks for your bills. Plus, you save money on postage, you no longer have to worry about your payments being lost, and your bills will still be paid even if you are out of town on business or vacation.

How It Works
The City will send a statement by mail before your bill is due. Your bill will specify the exact amount and the exact date your payment will be deducted from your checking or savings account. If you have questions regarding your bill, you will have ample time to call the City and resolve your concerns. If the bill is correct, the amount specified will be deducted from your account on the date specified. Payment information will be shown on your monthly bank statement.

Enrollment is easy!
Simply download the Automatic Bank Draft Authorization Form and mail it in along with a voided check to:

City of Richmond
Collection Department
205 Summit Street
Richmond, MO 64085

Utility Forms:
Customer Deposit
Customer Deposit Transfer

Utility Rates:

In City Limits
$8.42/1,000 Gallons
(minimum $8.42 for the first
1,000 gallons or below and
prorated for usage over
1,000 gallons)

Sewer (gallons based on water consumption):
Base Charge $20.09
Usage Charge $7.98/1,000 Gallons

$11.25/month trash collection
($2.00/month discount for
seniors 65 and older - must be
applied for with ID proof of age)
$0.50/month recycling (optional)
(free for seniors 65 and older)
Outside City Limits
$13.10/1,000 Gallons
(minimum $13.10 for the first
1,000 gallons or below and
prorated for usage over
1,000 gallons)

Sewer (gallons based on water consumption):
Usage Charge $15.37/1,000 Gallons

Summer Sewer Adjustment:
Customers who water lawns frequently, fill a swimming pool, or otherwise use more water than normal during the summer months may benefit from the City’s summer sewer adjustment program. From September 15-30 each year, every residential sewer customer living in an individually metered dwelling may apply to the City to have their sewer charges adjusted for the preceding months of May through August. (Commercial customers may use this program for watering purposes only). The adjustment will be based on the average amount of water used by the customer during the preceding October through February. This program is unavailable to customers who were not water customers of the City during the preceding period of October through February. Any adjustment refunds shall be applied as a credit on future utility bills. E-mail, mail, or hand-deliver the application during September 15-30 to the City Collector’s Office.