Animal Control and Shelter

petsShelter Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

9073 South Wellington Street, Richmond, MO

Shelter Phone: 816-776-6466
It is recommended you call in advance.

Police Phone: 816-776-3575

The mission of the Richmond Animal Control Department is to provide a protective barrier for the prevention of Rabies between the citizens of Richmond and the Domestic and Wildlife animals. Animal Control will protect our citizens by active enforcement of state and local laws, the humane sheltering and disposal of stray and unwanted animals, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership. The primary objective of Animal Control Employees is to provide quality service to the citizens, while dedicating themselves to improving the co-existence of animals and humans.

Our goals are to:
• Maintain the highest quality of services to the community.
• Relieve the pain and suffering of animals.
• Promote responsible pet ownership.
• Increase public awareness of animal issues.
• Co-operate with Breed Rescue/Animal Welfare Organizations.
• Continue training and education for management and staff.

Pick up fee $25.00
Release fee $10.00
Holding fee $10.00 per day.

All animals must have proof of rabies and city license when released.
• License Fee $20.00 (non-spayed/neutered)
• License Fee $5.00 (spayed/neutered)
• To license a dog or cat provide proof of rabies vaccination to city hall.

Animal Licenses – Annually, all pets residing in the city limits must be vaccinated and licensed. City ordinances limit pets to three per household. Contact 816-776-5304 for information about Annual Animal License.

All cats and dogs must have rabies ($10.00) addition to adoption fee and spay/neuter before adoption.
• Adoption fee for adult dogs – $25.00
• Adoption fee for puppies – $10.00
• Relinquish fee – $25.00
• Pick up for dead animals (private owner) – $25.00

For information regarding pet ordinances, leash laws or complaints contact Richmond Animal Control at 816-776-6466.

Every year in June the
City of Richmond sponsors
a pet vaccination clinic
for your convenience!

Please call City Hall for
information: 816-776-5304



Get Ready Now.
Preparing for your pets in the event of an emergency makes sense. Get ready now. Click here to download a free brochure with emergency plan information.