Tips to Help with Snow Removal

• Remain patient; we will ensure that all roads are passable as soon as possible. This is our number one priority.

• Stay off the roads, if possible. The fewer vehicles on the roads, the faster we can get them cleared and have you on your way.

• Park your vehicles in your driveway.

• Stay back at least 70′ from the rear of a plow truck so the driver can see you. If you can’t see the driver in his mirrors he can’t see you.

• Plows may need to back up to properly clear snow from the street. Please stay back at least 70′ from the rear of the plow truck.

• Don’t allow your vehicles to hang out into the street.

• Avoid passing or driving beside plow trucks.

• Avoid placing snow from your driveway back into the street. Less snow will be pushed into your driveway by passing plow trucks.