Wollard Boulevard Drainage Improvements 2020

Richmond citizens living, working and traveling along the north end of Wollard Boulevard are familiar with the history of flooding in the area during rain events.  The storm sewer infrastructure is undersized, in poor condition and unable to function properly when there is an accumulation of rain water.  This outdated drainage system has caused traffic issues and property flooding problems for many years.  The City has recently contracted with Blue Nile Contractors to perform much needed improvements in the Wollard Boulevard storm sewer drainage system.

The Wollard Boulevard storm sewer system has a total drainage area of approximately 35 acres.  A 24- inch drainage pipe that begins just south of 304 Wollard Boulevard on the west side, has water flowing into it from two different drainage channels.  This pipe connects to another pipe somewhere under the street and water flows through culverts into a larger 36-inch pipe and then underground to Morningside Dr.  There are several structural and maintenance defects in the piping system.

Improvements to the drainage system will include installing new larger diameter storm sewer pipes and structures that will increase the capacity of the system which will improve the flow of storm water.  They include replacement of 24-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) with 48-inch RCP and replacing 36-inch RCP with 54-inch RCP.  This will require cutting through Wollard Boulevard to access and replace the piping system.  Ditches and culverts will be regraded and extended to tie into the new storm sewer pipe.  Additional site improvements will include pavement and gravel drive replacement.

Construction, which will cost an estimated $290,000, is scheduled to begin at the end of January.  The entire project should be completed in three months.  During the replacement of the piping under the street, traffic flow could be impacted by delays and possible detours around the construction area.  Property owners in the affected area have been notified and the City will post up-to-date status reports on Facebook and the City website at cityofrichmondmo.org.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at 816-776-5304.Wollard BLVD Project Map Wollard Blvd Engineered Drawing