Richmond Student Receives Bike from City Donation

One student at Sunrise Elementary school received an early Thanksgiving surprise this year. The student recently moved into the Richmond School District, and because of some complications in the move, he was not able to bring his old bike with him. Since the family didn’t have the resources to purchase a new bike, the student thought he would have to do without one. When School Counselor Ms. Adams learned of the need and circumstances involved, she reached out to SRO Chassity Nevels for assistance in finding a bike for the student.

In August, Richmond Police Department donated over 30 unclaimed bicycles to Bike Walk KC, an organization that collects old bikes and puts them in the hands of children in need in the KC area. As a donor, the City of Richmond can request one of the bikes for a child in need in Richmond. Police Chief Burnine contacted Bike Walk KC and requested a re-claimed bike for the student. Bike Walk KC delivered the bike to Sunrise Elementary and the student was presented with his new red bike and helmet. He was also allowed to give it a test ride in the school hallway.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the school has recently been focused on encouraging students to practice giving to others in need. “We are honored to be able to partner with Richmond R-XVI School District and be able to make a difference in this student’s life”, said City Administrator Tonya Willim. “In the spirit of giving, its humbling to be reminded that our small gesture of giving back to the community can make such an impact. It was awesome to witness such joy and gratitude.”

If you are interested in donating bicycles or want more information about Bike Walk KC, visit

Sunrise Elementary Principal Sara Terrill gives the new bike a test ride.

City Administrator Tonya Willim, Sunrise Elementary School Counselor Pam Adams, School Resource Officer Chassity Nevels and Police Chief Chad Burnine present the bike to the student.

All smiles as the student rides the bike down the school hallway.