Safety First – New Parking Restrictions on South St at Southview Park

The City recently approved a “No Parking” ordinance, along South St, at the entrance of Southview Park. Due to concerns over visibility, new parking restrictions have been enacted for safety of our residents.

After numerous complaints were received from the public, the Richmond Police Department inspected the area around the entrance to Southview Park. They found that when vehicles are parked along South St in front of the entrance, it can be difficult to see around them when exiting Southview Pool. After determining the concern was valid, the Richmond PD requested and received a designation of “No Parking” from the Richmond City Council for the area in front of the Southview Park entrance.

“This area can become very busy when events are hosted at the park” said Police Chief Chad Burnine. “Additionally, many cars are parked along the street during ballgames and practices in the open field area. We have a duty to protect and prevent accidents, and are hoping this restriction on parking in the area will provide for safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic in and out of Southview Park.”

The “No Parking” designation only affects the south side of South St and extends 100 ft west of the entrance to Southview Park and 150 ft east of the entrance to Southview Park. Signs will be placed in the area so residents will be able to see exactly which part of the street is now restricted. This area includes the right-of-way between the sidewalk and the street.

South St No Parking