Hamann Park – Pavers For Sale – Be Part of History

By Leah Wankum

Richmond News Editor

Pavers for the new park in town are now for sale.

As of Monday, Richmond has 200 red pavers available for pur­chase. The pavers, engraved with messages, will be placed along the entrance to Hamann Park.

Construction for the new park, located on Crispin Street near Missouri Highway 13, began last month and is expected to be complete by Aug. 1. Pavers will be installed at the park entrance when construction completes.

The pavers cost $100 each and can be inscribed with a message or symbol, such as a business logo. Pavers come from Kansas City-based Midwest Block. The City of Richmond, the Richmond Parks Depart­ment, the Richmond Police Department, the Rich­mond Police Department and the Richmond Fire Department purchased the first four pavers.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for citizens to participate in the development of the new park,” said City Administrator Ron Brohammer. “Have a memento, not only to help the park, but a memento for many years to come.”

Funding raised from paver purchases will pay for amenities, including picnic tables and trash receptacles. The parks department will also take donations for the benches.

“I think it’s a great thing to do for the new park,” said Mayor Mike Wright, adding that the pavers are especially helpful for fundraising efforts for the park.

Parks superintendent Terry Dickey said he’s excited to start selling pavers for the park.

“This is just another piece of the puzzle,” Dick­ey said.

Park board president Kenny Buhrmeister said landscaping by Richmond-based Macey Excavat­ing is going well.

“They haven’t been there but a week, and they’ve made lots of progress,” Buhrmeister said.

Macey is also working this week on rough plumbing to get water and sewer pipes installed at the park.

The pavers are available for purchase until they’re sold out. To purchase a paver, pay with cash or check payable to the City of Richmond at Richmond City Hall collection office.