Emergency Snow Route Information

Emergency Snow Route Map

As a new winter storm approaches, we want to remind you about Emergency Snow Routes.

Do you live or work on the following streets?

  • Camden Street
  • Crispin Street
  • Garner Street
  • Grandview Street
  • Hill Street
  • Institute Street
  • Lexington Street
  • North Main Street
  • Royle Street
  • South Street
  • Thornton Street
  • Wellington Street (from Pine to South Street)
  • Whitmer Street (from S. Camden to Main Street)
  • Wilson Avenue
  • Wollard Boulevard

These streets are designated as Emergency Snow Routes.

When there is an accumulation of two (2) inches or more of snow or an expected accumulation of one-eighth (1/8) inch or more of ice due to freezing rain on the basis of a forecast by the National Weather Service, there shall be no parking on these streets.

In the event any vehicles are parked or impede these streets, vehicles may be towed by the Richmond Police Department. Additional fines may also be imposed.

Please park your vehicles in a driveway so snowplows and emergency vehicles may have complete access to these streets.

Emergency Snow Route Map

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