Dangerous Buildings

Dangerous buildings vary in intensity and type of damage but share the unfortunate distinction of being the most severe type of residential code violations, and pose the most risk to the surrounding areas. If you believe such a building exists adjacent to your home, please contact our Community Development Department at 816-776-5304.

The causes of dangerous buildings vary from neglect and abandonment, fires (intentional or accidental), out-of-code repairs that do not result in a safe structure, or catastrophic damage from storms or vehicle accidents. Whatever the cause, the City takes these dangerous structures very seriously and pursues owners to obtain compliance where possible; however if no steps are taken by the owner, the city will have a licensed contractor demolish the structure and bill the owner for the expense to the taxpayers.

All dangerous buildings are evaluated by building inspectors according to several objective criteria, including age of the structure, severity of the damage, proximity to parks, schools, and major streets, and likelihood of being repaired. Structures are posted on the front door identifying the building as a Dangerous Building. If you have questions about the damage or progress on a particular case, please contact the inspector by calling (816) 776-5304.

Common conditions which will lead to a building being considered dangerous are as follows:

  • Exterior walls leaning or buckling;
  • Building or any portion thereof is in danger of collapse;
  • Building has been damaged by fire, wind, flood, or earthquake;
  • Electrical, plumbing, or other mechanical systems have become dangerous or inoperable;
  • Roof or walls have holes allowing the entry of weather and/or animals;
  • Foundation has settled or damaged.

Occupancy of these structures is not permitted at any time. If you see someone entering or are aware of someone staying inside a designated dangerous building, contact the Richmond Police Department by calling 816-776-2000.

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