City of Richmond Gets a New Look!

New Richmond, MO city logo

Recently the City Council in Richmond adopted a new logo to represent the City, reflecting important characteristics of their community of 6,000 residents.

“We felt a key would symbolize the key to opportunity, to open doors in Richmond for you to live, work, or play,” said Councilwoman Deanna Guy.

Included on the key is an Est. 1827 marking, representing the great history the City of Richmond has. The red “R” of Richmond represents our schools, a vital part of any progressive community.

Silhouetted on the key are six great facets of Richmond:

  1. Homes and Neighborhoods — The homes in the logo represent our great community of friendly people, ready to welcome you to town!
  2. Industry and Retail — We pride ourselves on our area’s employers, both small and large businesses, and we welcome entrepreneurs.
  3. Quality of Life — The Farris Theatre and Arts District is a great image to represent all the great clubs, recreation, golf courses, museum, library and more that enrich the lives of all ages of citizens.
  4. Churches — Our church community gives spiritual growth to our families, as well as service and fellowship opportunity to those who belong to those congregations.
  5. Agriculture — Our farmers who surround our town along with the agri-businesses and organizations, are a foundation of our community.
  6. Background Skyline — This is a reminder to our citizens of our chose proximity to Kansas City, making city amenities easily available, yet preserving our rural value.

The adoption of the logo is just part of the effort the City Council has currently been putting in to rebrand the community of Richmond. Along with the logo, a new City website has also been added, with multiple resources for both citizens and visitors.

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