2020 Citizen Survey Results

2020 Citizen Survey Results

The City of Richmond recently conducted a Citizen Survey by an independent contractor, ETC. The purpose of this survey was to assist the City in its on-going effort to identify and respond to resident concerns while also assessing citizen satisfaction with city services. The results will help determine priorities for improvement and will guide the update of the City of Richmond Comprehensive Development Plan. The Comprehensive Plan was last updated almost 20 years ago, and that was the last time a citywide survey was conducted.

The six-page survey, cover letter and postage-paid return envelope were mailed to a random sample of households in the City of Richmond. To prevent people who were not residents of Richmond from participating, everyone who completed the survey online was required to enter their home address prior to submitting the survey. A total of 1,500 surveys were randomly sent out and 310 residents completed the surveys which gave a 95% level of confidence.

“We want to thank the residents who responded to the survey,” says Mayor Mike Wright. “The results help us to better understand our citizens’ level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with City services. It is important that those of us that are elected to represent the public in making decisions and setting priorities that align with what our citizens want”.

The survey results show that seventy-seven percent (77%) of the residents surveyed, who had an opinion, rated the City of Richmond as an “excellent” or “good” place to live. Residents are most satisfied with fire and police services, the overall maintenance of City parks and trails and the overall quality of customer service from City employees.

City services respondents indicated should receive the most emphasis over the next five years were the overall maintenance of City streets, quality of water and sewer services and value received for City tax dollars and fees.

Residents overwhelmingly agreed the City should pursue various activities to attract more retail stores and industrial/manufacturing. Additionally, 80% “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that the City should provide incentives for neighborhood restoration and upkeep. Most residents indicated that the downtown area should be primary focus for development or redevelopment projects.

Survey Results:
Complete 2020 Citizen Survey Results Report (pdf)

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