Boards and Commissions

City Council Committees 2017-2018

Finance Committee
Deanna Guy - Chairman
Dave Powell
Ron Peterson
Ordinance Committee
Barb Hardwick - Chairperson
Deanna Guy
Sam Coleman
Public Works Committee
Dave Powell - Chairman
Ron Peterson
Barb Hardwick
Public Safety Committee
Rob Kinnard - Chairperson
Sam Coleman
Justin Meier

Park Board

The Park Board meets the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Richmond Fire Station.

Kenneth Buhrmeister - President
Joyce Bowles - Vice President
Terry Padgett - Treasurer
Deanna Guy - Council Liaison
Kevin Minnick
Russ Green
Adam Booth
Ryan Kegler
Bev Phipps

Planning & Zoning Board

Everett Balman - Chairman
Mike Harrison - Vice President
Barbara Hardwick - Secretary
Mike Persell
Bill Dooley
Brad Hogan
Everett Thompson

Zoning Variance Board

Mark Guy
Ernie Jones
Everett Balman - Liaison to P&Z
Jerry Cole
Nathan Green

Housing Authority of the City of Richmond
302 N. Camden Avenue, Richmond, MO 64085

Stephanie Houston - Executive Director
Royce Duffett
Tammy Menke - Chairman
Ewellen Elliott
Alan Lacy
Diana Bowman

Building Code Board of Appeals

John Dorton
Jimmy Williams
Bret Bowman
Royce Duffett
Cole Oliphant

Richmond Redevelopment Corporation

Jimmy Carter
Rob Kinnard
Lisa Hastings
Chastidy Loftin
Ed Wolfe