Request for Bids

Request for Qualifications For a city-Wide Energy Conservation Program

The intent of this Request for Proposal on Qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit qualification proposals from Energy Services Companies (ESCOs). For the purpose of this RFQ, “ESCO” refers to any company that is qualified to provide a turnkey energy conservation program that includes all services listed in this RFQ. Responses to this RFQ shall describe the ESCO’s capability to identify the need for, design, install, maintain, monitor, and arrange the financing of a large-scale, comprehensive energy‑conservation program that includes the services listed herein. The City of Richmond intends to select an ESCO and award contract(s) to perform cost-effective energy conservation retrofits. Full RFQ located at Click for complete RFQ package City of Richmond- RFQ Spec – 05_2017

Please note that responses to this RFQ must be received by Tuesday, June 13, 2017 by 12:00 p.m. at the address given below. Three (3) paper copies and 1 electronic copy of the response must be sealed and delivered to:

City of Richmond

205 Summit St.

Richmond, MO 64085

Re: Proposal on Qualifications for a Comprehensive Energy Conservation Program

ATTN: Tonya Willim, Interim City Administrator

The City of Richmond reserves the right to reject any and all responses resulting from this RFQ. Late responses will not be accepted and will be returned to the submitting company unopened. The City of Richmond is not liable for any cost incurred by any person or firm responding to this RFQ.

The City of Richmond reserves the right to reject as non‑responsive any proposals that do not contain the information requested in Section VII and Appendix A of this RFQ. Additionally, The City of Richmond reserves the right to reject as non‑responsive any proposals which are not organized and formatted as described in this RFQ.

Any and all questions regarding this RFQ and the program it represents must be submitted in writing to:

Tonya Willim

Interim City Administrator


All questions will be answered by addendum to all bidders.